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At the ago of 30, I blew out my knee in a skiing accident. Broken patella, torn acl, mcl, and pcl. I have had SEVEN knee surgeries over the past 12 years and I suffer daily with chronic pain, and inflammation. I have stage 4+ osteoarthritis in my left knee, and severe osteoarthritis in my right knee. I am one on bone, zero cartilage in both knees. I need a knee replacement but have been trying to put it off until at least age 45. I found miraFlex at a gas station and tried it out. I then ordered more online and consistently have used it for 3 months. The pain in my knees has reduced significantly. I am not cured from my condition.....however I am managing my pain for the first time in YEARS without having to take a pill. I just put in another order tonight for the 4 pack of 4 ounce product.....which is an amazing deal!

buy miraflex online


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