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[S1E15] Big Freeze

Emma is put in charge of managing the juice bar. Miriam decides to cause trouble and cuts the power to the cool room, then is unwittingly frozen by Emma who uses her powers to fix the freezer. Will the girls be able to thaw Miriam out?

[S1E15] Big Freeze

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Subaru enters the mansion to find it littered with bodies, including Ram and the children he once saved, and eventually discovers an icy room where he freezes to death. He resets with a new timeline back at the vendor's stall again where he hugs Rem and goes catatonic. Crusch and Felix can heal him physically but unfortunately cannot help with his mental state, what makes that Rem decide to take Subaru back to Roswaal's Mansion, hoping that he will regain to his senses by seeing Emilia. While they nearing Roswaal's domain, their cart is ambushed by the Witch Cult and while Rem fights them, one escapes with the unconscious Subaru. Subaru finds himself chained up and meets their leader, the maniacal Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti. Rem finds the meeting place and attempts to destroy Petelgeuse and his men, but to no avail. Rem is then tortured by Petelgeuse and then left in a mess, with both arms and legs mangled and broken. Petelgeuse leaves Subaru alone; however, Rem, with what little life she has, uses magic to cut the chains and then tells Subaru "to live", and confesses her love to him, before passing away. Subaru carries Rem's body to the mansion, seeing piles of bodies along the way. He finally arrives at the mansion, only to find a dead Ram before a monstrous Puck who appears outside the mansion and tells Subaru to sleep along with his daughter and decapitates him. Subaru then respawns by the vendor's stall again.

Wu fills Hank and Nick in on what their case. They find the victim, Ivan Markov, stuffed into a freezer with his waiter uniform missing. He then shows them security footage of the suspected killer walking into a supply closet, followed by Boris Myshkin, with only Myshkin coming back out. They later find the killer in his motel room, apparently dead and severely deformed. After Renko flings himself onto Hank and falls to the ground, officials in hazmat suits come in and tell them to go through exfoliation immediately.

Wu and Franco cautiously entered Bud's shop with their guns drawn in response to his emergency call. Wu called out for Bud, and Bud emerged from the walk-in freezer. Just as Bud emerged the zombie attacked and all three men retreated into the freezer. With the zombie hammering on the door with its fists, Wu asked Bud if the freezer locked. Bud handed him a wrench and Wu used it to lock the door. Wu then called for backup on his radio.

Wu heard Hank's voice outside the freezer, so he opened the door. He warned Hank about the zombie and watched while Hank knocked the zombie out with one punch. Wu then said that they had worn him down. 041b061a72

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