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Axis Game Factory's AGFPRO V3 Free ((INSTALL)) Download

agfpro was also revealed at this year's gdc, where we got a sneak peek at a few of their games. it's always cool to see indie games ported over to unity and we actually got a chance to try out agfpro ourselves as we reviewed agfpro for android.

Axis Game Factory's AGFPRO v3 Free Download

installation of agfpro is extremely simple, you just download the agfpro installer which provides the agfpro.exe installer and place it where you like it. upon completion of installation you are presented with the agfprodemo.

axis games agf pro 3d is a completely new product that unites the collaborative design of traditional game levels with intuitive level editing and game level authoring tools, described axis as.with agf pro you can easily create game-ready levels with a combination of 3d content building, modeling and animation. agf pro 3d free version contains only the basic functionality for level editing and publication in unity 5 without all advanced features of axis agf pro 3d pro version.

the high-end pro version comes with all of the things a level designer could want, including tools for sculpting 3d content in the level itself, creating real-time scripted events, importing and exporting 3d models, and creating your own game animations. the agfpro v3 pro version adds support for unity 5, the newest version of unity game engine used by oculus.

the free agfpro v3.0 provides basic tools for quick game creation and level prototyping, while the agfpro v3.0 premium allows game creators to produce their own aaa games without programming or game engine experience.

once the agf pro is installed and configured, you can start using it. agf pro includes a set of basic tools that are the same as the basic tools found in agf free. to get started, you can create a new empty game object.

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