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Candy Andes

In 1921, Andrew Kanelos opened a small candy store in Chicago, Illinois.[1][2] While he initially called his store "Andy's Candies" in reference to himself, Kanelos realised that his predominantly male customers did not like giving boxes of candy with another man's name to their wives and girlfriends.[2] As such, he changed the spelling of the business to "Andes Candies."[3] The mints were first launched in 1950. In 1980, Andes was purchased by the Swiss candy company Interfood (later Jacobs Suchard). When Jacobs Suchard bought Brach's in 1987, Andes became part of that division. When Jacobs Suchard was sold to Kraft General Foods in 1990, Brach's was kept separate by owner Klaus J. Jacobs.[4] In need of cash, Brach's sold Andes to Tootsie Roll Industries in 2000.[5][6] They are made in Delavan, Wisconsin.

candy andes

In 1950, the Andes store product line was increased to include the Crème de Menthe candy piece. This three-layer mint has remained the cornerstone of the brand. Today, this delicious and refreshing candy is the number one selling after-dinner mint.

Rich and creamy with bits of peppermint candy, Andes Peppermint Crunch Indulgence come with a red and white candy cane design on the bag and wrappers. They are fun with a festive flavor and are perfect for the holidays. Individually wrapped pieces make them great for sharing.

This was back when this candy was called $100,000 bars, not 100 Grand bars. I remember going to my friend Cori's birthday party in elementary school, maybe third grade. At the party her mom told us that we were each going to get $100,000... 041b061a72

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