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Two Milfs Young Guy WORK

This mystery woman was about 5'5" or so. Her bleached blonde hair, Lou conjectured, was not her natural color. Short and wavy, it was a very becoming cut and style. Her skirt was above her knees and she wore dark hose and three-inch high-heels. She was curvy and her sweater displayed a fine set of large grapefruit sized breasts. Her waist was modest, yet a slight thickening showed she wasn't a young, trim thing anymore. That didn't matter to Lou; he thought that she was gorgeous. He estimated her age at 30 to 35.

two milfs young guy

Good for Hillary for accepting his apology. I guess its her not wanting to appear to over sensitive and that she can take a joke. But just because she accepts his apology doesn't mean that Obama should. I think the head speech writer for the president of the united states should show a far greater level of professionalism then this young kid....even when he's at parties where he doesn't expect there to be any press.

This is very disrespectful to a lady like Ms. Hillary . At that age many people have done bad things. This young man deserves a 2nd chance. I'm glad someone gave me a second chance. I bet Hillary would give him a 2nd chance also considering all the things she's been through. Hopefully ,this guy will learn his lession and watch his behavior. Let's MOVE ON! 041b061a72

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