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[S1E14] And The Upstairs Neighbor

Shortly afterwards a new neighbor moves in that plays the Bee Gees and stomps around. It turned out that the new neighbor was a woman from Poland. When the girls went up to confront her, they found she had a room full of women and a swing in her apartment.

[S1E14] And the Upstairs Neighbor

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"And the Upstairs Neighbor" is the fourteenth episode of season one of the American comedy series 2 Broke Girls. It was directed by Thomas Kail and written by series co-creator Michael Patrick King. It first aired on CBS on Monday, January 16th, 2012 at 9:30 pm EST. In this episode, Max and Caroline learn about a new upstairs neighbor who moves in after the old tenant dies. Upon meeting Sophie Kachinsky, Caroline suspects that she is a prostitute and Max and she become quite harried when it comes to Sophie's noisy parties.

Sam and Dean return to the Miller household to speak to Max. Max becomes upset when he speaks of the old house he and his family used to live in, where his uncle lived next door. Sam and Dean visit the neighborhood, and a neighbor who knew the Millers tells the boys that Max was regularly and severely assaulted by his father and uncle, and that Alice (who is actually his stepmother) never did anything to stop it. Suddenly Sam has another vision, this time of Max making a carving knife fly towards his stepmother and stab her through the eye. Sam thinks Max may have telekinetic abilities, and that having a psychic power may be the link between them.

They rush to the house and find Max and Alice in the kitchen, where the events in Sam's vision are occurring. Max sees that Dean has a gun and uses his power to get hold of it. Max then slams Alice against the kitchen counter, knocking her out. Sam convinces Max to let Dean take Alice upstairs while they talk. Sam tries to convince Max not to hurt his stepmother, but Max is angry. He informs them that the beatings did not stop when he was a child but have continued. He also reveals that, like Sam, his mother died in a nursery fire when he was six months old and that his powers began manifesting six months ago. Deaf to Sam's pleas to stop killing, Max uses his power to lock Sam in a closet.

They visit Max who has nothing to add but he does mention that his family used to live in an old house across town and Uncle Roger lived next door. Visiting the address, they talk to a neighbor who reveals that Joe and Roger both beat Max regularly while the stepmother, Alice, did nothing. The neighbor reveals Max's mother died in a car accident, and then Sam is overwhelmed by another vision of Max confronting his stepmother about how she didn't stop them. Max levitates a knife and kills her with it. Sam partially sympathizes with Max because of what he went through and their shared psychic abilities. He asks Dean to let him handle it since he's not comfortable with killing Max, even though Dean is okay with it. They arrive at the house as Sam's vision starts to come true, and they bust into the kitchen, interrupting Max before he can kill Alice. They ask Max outside to talk with him but he notices Dean's gun and, catching on, seals the house and pulls away the gun. Sam tries to get through to him and get Max to let Dean and Alice leave, and Max agrees they can talk alone, but that Dean and Alice have to wait upstairs. Dean takes an injured Alice out while Sam tries to convince Max not to kill his stepmother and Max reveals his dad was still beating him just a week earlier. Max talks about how his mother died in the nursery with a baby Max... pinned to the ceiling and burned to death like Sam's own mother. A shocked Sam reveals that's how his mother died and deduces that they must be connected in some way. Their psychic abilities manifested at the same time (about seven months ago), but Max's are further along. Max refuses to let it go and shuts Sam into a closet. He then goes after Dean and Alice, drawing his gun on Dean. When Dean blocks Max from shooting his stepmother, Max shoots him through the head... and it becomes clear it's another of Sam's visions. A frantic Sam concentrates and manages to telekinetically open the closet, much to his disbelief. He runs upstairs to see the same scene play out. Sam busts in and appeals to Max, who realizes he can't fix anything and shoots himself.

Gumball, Darwin, and Richard sit together in the living room. Richard has an angry look on his face while Gumball and Darwin look guilty. They try to end the prank war, but Richard still looks angry, and worse yet, he cuts out Gumball and Darwin from the family photo because he thinks that they are the reason for his failed pranking attempts. Gumball and Darwin see another bucket on top of the front door and figured they would purposely fall for this prank to make their dad feel better. When they open the door, they expected to get hit with water, but instead, a heavy block of cement nearly crushes Gumball and freaks them out. Richard creepily says that he is going to prank them, then goes crazy. Gumball and Darwin, realizing that Richard has gone insane, frantically sprint to the bathroom upstairs and hide in the bath tub. Gumball starts hyperventilating, which causes Darwin to try to slap him out of it. Gumball panics more and yells at Darwin that he is making it worse. Darwin decides to use tenderness to calm Gumball down, and this seems to work. He strokes, hugs, and kisses him to make him feel better. After a moment of silence, Richard busts through the bathroom wall and declares all out war against Gumball and Darwin by yelling "Prank time!" The boys run to the living room and hide under the sofa, and Richard busts through the ceiling and asks "Where are you?" but Darwin gives their position away, so they hide inside the TV. Richard spots them, forcing them to act out TV shows to stay hidden. They act out a news show, a classic retro romance show, a documentary, and a music video. This proves fake, though, because Richard knew they were there the whole time, Richard unplugged the TV while they were still acting. The warpath continues for a short time before Gumball tries escaping through the air vent. Unfortunately, it was nailed in, not only does this not work, it leaves the two of them cornered, giving Richard the chance to finally get them. Gumball, spotting a bottle of ketchup, decides to try to use it as a weapon. When he squeezes, instead of squirting ketchup at Richard, the side facing him bursts open, splattering the boys with ketchup. Richard laughs at them and reveals that all this (the ketchup, his psychotic behavior, and his intentions to kill them) was all part of his prank. Gumball and Darwin find it terrible and accuse him of trying to kill his own kids, but Richard points out that the cement was wet when he poured it into the bucket. The two sides apologize to each other; Gumball and Darwin apologize for taking the pranks too far, and Richard apologizes for starting the prank.

Dr. Don Sanderson is up for parole after serving 25 years for the murders of his wife and daughter. Sanderson has always claimed that his family was attacked upstairs while he slept on the couch and that he tried to help when he heard their screams. SSA Derek Morgan evaluates Sanderson, finding that he has been a more-than-model prisoner, and recommends that he be released. But just 51 hours later, the doctor is arrested for murder. The following investigation reveals that Sanderson truly is innocent and that his family had been attacked by a group of two men and one woman, one of which was now killing the others to keep them quiet. 041b061a72

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