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How to Install iwlwifi-quz-a0-hr-b0-59.ucode Firmware for Intel Wireless Cards on Debian

However, when I booted with linux-mainline I was able to successfully download and install the drivers for an external WiFi adapter I'd bought to address the near identical problem that occurred when I ran Ubuntu 22.04. I should add that the external WiFi adapter was incompatible with my Ubuntu but installed in seconds with my current Garuda setup.

Following this answer (it's a working solution), after downloading and extracting the file, you need to extract the firmware-iwlwifi_0.43_all.deb file (under MS Windows you can use altap Salamander) then extract the data.tar.xz go to /data/lib/firmware and copy all the contents to your USB (Fat32).

iwlwifi-quz-a0-hr-b0-59.ucode download

Live boot Kali Linux on your system to see if wifi and ethernet work fine in live boot or not. if wifi works fine on live boot then you don't even need to download anything from anywhere because non-free firmware files for most common wifi cards are already provided in kali Linux.

Copy all .deb files from this directory of your kali live boot usb : pool/non-free/firmware subdirectories to /firmware which is located in root of kali installation directory. If you downloaded any files during above step then include them in the same directory. Just copy them no need to extract them.

Hi Franck! I'm sorry that page isn't cooperating with you. We don't have any other reports of outage for that page. If it's still happening, can you please try in a private browsing session, just to rule that out? If it's still happening there, we can take a closer look at your user and get you an alternate route to the download you want in the meantime. Thanks!

Thank you very much for your reply! I tried to separately downloading the firmware from the link you provided (version 59), and now the Intel AX200-based card is properly recognized.I was able to test it with an 802.11ax Access Point, and it seems to work properly when in client mode. However, I am unable to activate any AP functionality with it, both at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. When I try to activate a 2.4 GHz AP with "mode" equal to "AX" inside LuCI, I get:

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