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Ima Firin Mah Lazer Sound PORTABLE

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Ima Firin Mah Lazer Sound

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"I like trains." The kid stated. OUT OF NOWHERE, a train came, hitting the kid and Lazer Guy. Lazer Guy felt immense pain, and he rolled off the front of he train. Right after he fell off the train, a car hit Lazer Guy. Lazer guy saw a Lama in the car. Lazer Guy blasted the Lama to smithereens, than flopped off of the car. Lazer Guy stood up slowly, until he heard a clicking sound. Lazer Guy looked down, meeting a small turtle.

The Lazer Collection is a series of videos by Dominic Fera which do all they can to drive the Shoop Da Whoop meme into the ground, dig it up, drive it back into the ground, and lazer it. The format is a disjointed series of shorts, each of which inevitably ends with a lazer being fired from someone or something.

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