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[S7E16] Getting To Nose You

Reese is preparing for a date after he is asked out by a girl named Cindy and he is at his house, getting ready and is extremely nervous and paranoid for her to come over. He asks Malcolm if he had any visible boogers in his nose and Malcolm reminds him that it's the fifth time he's asked and the answer is still yes. Dewey wonders how Cindy and Reese can like each other if they've never met. Reese explains that Cindy's cousin goes to North High and at a dance the previous week she told Cindy about how hot Reese was. Lois supports it and says she couldn't blame her since if she wasn't his mother she would think he was a hot guy too much to Dewey's disgust. Reese tells them that he and Cindy share the same sense of humour, and after telling her about prank putting fake dog poop in the punch bowl at the school dance they both agree that the real thing would've been even funnier. The doorbell rings and Reese panics, Lois reassures him too just be himself. However, when Cindy arrives, he finds out Cindy was actually a pig and the entire date was just a practical joke pulled by four other girls from the school. Reese is left devastated; Lois sees this as well, and is appalled.

[S7E16] Getting to Nose You

Lois arrives at target number three Heidi Kaczenski's house and plants a duffel bag inside through the window without her parents noticing. She then calls the house and pretends to be the manager at the Edgewood hotel and called to verify a room for that night, her father responds there must be some mistake, she then says that Heidi made the reservation and she also requested a bottle of champagne and the romance package. Heidi's father says to Lois that she should cancel that reservation before hanging up and angrily calling Heidi downstairs, Heidi wonders what is so important and her dad says she and her boyfriend Scott got a hotel room for the night. Heidi is shocked as well as her parents; she claims she was in her room getting ready for a dance stating she knew nothing about this. Her mother then looks in the duffel bag and finds a bikini and a pack of condoms; all three are horrified, while Lois still hiding outside is enjoying it. Heidi claims the bag isn't hers, her dad then states her and Scott are now through, only for Heidi to claim she hates them and runs upstairs crushed. Lois attempts to leave but she accidentally knocks over a flower pot gaining Heidi's father's attention noticing the presence of someone, Lois then runs out where she bumps into a boy named Jordan on a skateboard, after helping him up. Heidi's dad come out and asks what is going on, fearing for herself she tells him that Jordan was peeking in his window, He is shocked thinking he was a good kid. Jordan tries to explain, but Heidi's dad tells Jordan that he picked the wrong night to mess with him and says he is reporting him to the police. Lois now feels guilty for framing somebody innocent.

Back on Romulus, Bashir is talking with Senator Cretak in one of the lecture rooms. He explains that he cannot trust anyone on the Bellerophon and can't get a message out to Deep Space 9 due to the communications blackout. He wants her help to locate Sloan's Romulan accomplice and prevent Koval's assassination by getting a copy of Koval's personal database (which should contain a list of people Koval suspects to be the traitor) while he attempts to dissuade Sloan by informing him that Koval doesn't have Tuvan Syndrome. She initially objects, but Bashir pleads with her to put centuries of mistrust aside and help him.

Rachel watches Ben for an hour and is a little scared because she's never been alone with him before. Rachel teaches Ben practical jokes to entertain him, from general ones like scaring people and repeating what others say, to specific ones like marking the edges of a quarter and daring someone to roll it down their face without taking it away, leaving them with a line down their face, and putting Saran Wrap on the toilet seat so the pee goes everywhere. Ross confronts Rachel after suffering the Saran Wrap prank, though he's oblivious to the line on his face from the quarter prank. Rachel then goes to see Ben at Carol's, who also has a line down her face but hasn't noticed. Rachel tries to talk Ben out of the pranks, but Ben only sticks to repeating her like she taught him. She eventually gets him to agree to stop playing pranks, while also getting him to accept that she and Ross were not "on a break". Ross comes in and confronts Rachel about finding out about the line on his face from one of his students. Rachel stands firm on wanting to be known to Ben as his "Fun Aunt Rachel", to which Ross acquiesces. Ross leaves Ben with Rachel again, where Rachel tells Ross about the "poop" sign taped to his back. Ross then chases Ben out of the apartment and up the stairs where he apparently falls down screaming. Rachel observes and freaks out until she sees that it's a dummy, revealing it to be a prank by Ross to get even with Rachel.

The Season 1 finale features the parents and the boys (minus Dewey and Francis (Christopher Masterson)) traveling to a waterpark for a brief getaway. This episode is the first time Reese and Malcolm get into one of their prank wars, which Reese initiates by bringing Malcolm's nose plug, an embarrassing precautionary item so that chlorine doesn't get into Malcolm's messed-up sinuses. Of course, Lois then forces Malcolm to wear the nose plug, which looks strange and makes him sound like he has a cold.

Francis assures them that as long as the spirit of vandalism is still alive in their hearts, any day can be Halloween. He plans to make it up to them by getting them all to craft a giant slingshot, which can launch some pretty disgusting projectiles over two city blocks. Some of these include but are not limited to full garbage bags, used diapers, and paint-filled balloons. It's truly magnificent to behold, and it's wholesome to see all the boys working together for once.

Cynical movie producer Mr. Callew (Cotten) fires a long-time employee on the phone and scoffs at his crying. Callew later gets into a car accident and is completely paralyzed. He is robbed and left for dead and ignored by everyone. Just when Callew is about to be declared legally dead, he saves himself at the last minute by getting the mortician's attentions with his tears.

After deciding to retire from "getting involved", the Curator took up a position as the curator of the Under Gallery. He still had the TARDIS in his possession, which retained its police box form. (AUDIO: Lost Property)

In one of his forms, (AUDIO: Crossed Lines) the Curator had the appearance of an elderly Fourth Doctor, the Curator's face was wrinkled with baggy cheeks, a hooked nose and a pronounced throat. He had light blue eyes and big ears with dangling ear lobes. Though he was balding, his hair was completely white and he lacked eyebrows. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

This is never concretely stated in either the script or dialogue of Day of the Doctor, and the audience was essentially left to believe that this was either the Doctor or a person who looked like the Doctor and enjoyed insinuating that he might be him. Baker played the part in a heavily meta way, seemingly stopping briefly to congratulate Matt Smith instead of the Eleventh Doctor, and then turning the final line ("who knows?") into a pun, by tapping his nose (thus, "Who nose"). Like all the other Doctors, Baker is listed only as "The Doctor" in the credits sequence.

In Season 3's ninth episode, George dates a woman with a large nose, and she decides to get a nose job after Kramer says that she needs one. Aside from the sexist issues with that, there are also racial implications that are highly unnecessary from a lighthearted comedy that's supposedly "about nothing." 041b061a72

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