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What You Need to Know About Receiver Software for Kaon 220

That software will not update to a newer version. The software that you want to download is already in your box. All the simulated versions are already pre-installed in your box and have no need to update. I would suggest contacting your original provider if you don't have the original software, which may be on a cd or dvd, and ask them about a replacement if they still have them. Also look on the bottom of the box, if you have an original serial number, and see if there is a three digit number on there. 3-digit numbers are used to identify your box.

receiver software kaon 220 download

hi, I have a caprice 7x. I bought it second hand in 2013. The software version is I want to update the software so that it has the latest version. I can't find the software anywhere. Please, help me. Tnx Max

A simple original box will indicate a specific software version. Most boxes will have a label that shows the software version number. A three digit number is the software version, followed by an "s". The "s" stands for software, and the number is the software version. On a box, the first two digits of the three digit number will be "2". They normally don't have an "s" on them.

I need the new software for my Kaon 6650. It was working fine in Europe but i am trying to do it in the States. All i get is the old version. I have tried everything i can think off. i got a friend of mine to install the new software on there but he keeps getting a blue screen. Is there any way i can get this new software for free?

I need the software update for the old decoder. Kaon ksf-s660HD. It cannot play AAC sound, but the updated software solved this problem. The name of the software is Kaon media download Kaon clear 13240 2009-08-31. I got information in yr 2011, that the decoder updates automatically on Astra 1L, which is not available in West Africa. Please do help with the software, even if I have to copy from an updated decoder to mine. Thanks.

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