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Dead Sexy (2018)

In a small, seemingly idyllic Louisiana town, where people with skeletons in their closets end up dead, lives our hero Jane Love. A fiery chef with the style of Grace Kelly and the spunk of Lauren Bacall. After years of trying to start a family, she's finally pregnant. Her life appears perfect. But Jane has a secret.

Dead Sexy (2018)

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I don't know if the movie channels still do it, but back in my day, after midnight, Cinemax and such would fill the airwaves with raunchy unrated sexy fare that had tiny amounts of plot and copious amounts of hot! Girls washing things in bikinis was a big story point. Cars, planes, each other, nothing was safe from a large breasted lady in a bikini's soapy suds. I feel like I am getting away from my point here. Dead Sexy would fit right in with those films. So, if that was what the makers were going for, then mission accomplished. The problem is, those films were all kind of crap, so homaging them may not be a good thing. 041b061a72

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